Bridal Portrait Photographer IN SAN ANTONIO offers best FINE ART Portraits in Texas

Almost every girl on Earth has dreamed up her perfect wedding by the time she is ready to start planning one. No matter how big or small that dream was, there is one thing in common for all. The Bride looks absolutely amazing in her bridal gown with beautiful veil, bridal accessories and a floral bouquet. That special kind of beauty on her wedding day is expected to capture the Groom's heart forever. Time-honored tradition of a Bridal Portrait/Couple Portrait in the formal wedding dress/wear  is a perfect way to create that special memory. I am honored to be a part of Wedding Girls Photography Team and be able to capture those special portraits for our beautiful Brides. Years from now that portrait on a wall in your home will symbolize your family's legacy being kept in history for generations to come. (In addition, we offer wedding photography packages for wedding couples getting married in Texas and Florida, starting at $4500.)


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Bridal Portrait in San Antonio
Classic Bridal wall art created by San Antonio photographer Natalia G. King
Couture bride in San Antonio, bride portrait by Texas wedding photographer Natalia G. King
Wedding Portrait by San Antonio Photographer Natalia G. King
Bridal Portrait by wedding photographer in San Antonio
Bridal Portrait by portrait photographer in San Antonio, Natalia G. King
Beautiful Bride in a bridal portrait in San Antonio
Bridal Portrait Photographer Natalia G. King offers beautiful Bridal Photography